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Thread: I broke my Usb loader GX

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    I broke my Usb loader GX


    I was attempting to get Usb loader to successfully launch a "Black Ops" backup. Having read that i should be using cIOS 249 57 base rev 20, I attempted to update to that. I dont know what happened. I was tired and for some reason was fooling around with Wad Manager 1.4, ended up doing something, don't know exactly what, and now my usbloader gx just freezes or goes to a black code dump screen.

    What I really need is a way to repair my usb loader... and a link to a guide to update to cIOS 249 [57 base] rev 20.

    Please Help.

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    good point to switch to cfg usbloader / wiiflow.
    COD Guide: Black Ops Guide
    please look at that thread/post questions there, really everything explained. have a good read not only on the guide but also on the cios as wad's thread where you'll get the new versions from.
    use one of the loaders mentioned in the guide (cfgloader/wiiflow/uloader).
    good luck
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    Thanks so much for the advice. I'll give that a shot... after a thorough reading.

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    it worked! thanks again!!! this wiidiot thinks you are just great!!!!

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    You could alternatively reinstall USB Loader GX.

    I've got quite a few USB loaders and switch between them to load particular games to get them to run. Not ideal admittedly, but I'm learning slowly but surely to working towards a perfect and ultimate solution


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