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Thread: WiiFlow reading off USB, how to make it read off SD card?

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    WiiFlow reading off USB, how to make it read off SD card?

    Its been a LONG hassle, but to keep it short I'll give the details. I have an HDD, half partitioned with NTFS, the other with WBFS. I've been wondering where the settings/covers for all of my games were being stored. Without my sd card in, it can only be in my HDD, in either my NTFS or my WBFS. BUT when I needed to format/delete the volume in the NTFS, the covers are STILL in the WiiFLow menu. Meaning they can only exist in the WBFS. Now my question is, how can i find the location of my settings/covers?

    Also but more inportantly, I would like WiiFlow to STOP reading off the USB, but rather from the SD card? Any help? Thanks...

    also following the readmii from wii flow, ive also added:

    1.2 Installation of WiiFlow on SD-Card
    Just copy the content of the archive to the Root of your SD-Card. You should
    get the following Path:
    WiiFlow will save all settings and files into the directory SD:\wiiflow\.
    Exception: If you connect a harddisk with a FAT- and a WBFS-Partition, WiiFlow
    will save its files to the FAT-Partition. To avoid this, you should open the
    file SD:\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini and add the entry "data_on_usb=no" in the category

    But tit did not seem to work at all...
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    Any help I've cHecked everywhere with no idea at all


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