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Thread: mod chip in but now the drive wont work

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    mod chip in but now the drive wont work

    Hi, I've just installed a wii key 2 solderless chip into my wii. I have a D2B. But now the disc drive wont work. When I power it up it doesnt do its normal spin and wont let me push a disc in. When I put the power on the 2 lights flash on the chip.

    Any ideas any one?

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    remove the chip, and see if it works, if not you screwed up your drive meaning you can do 1 of 2 things

    return it/envoke your warenty


    pm modderman, or spyman on how to fix it

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    Yes the drive works fine once the mod chip is removed.

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    i would recomend reflashing the chip =x but im sure someone else will have a better anwser, wait for spyman befor you do anything rash

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    Ok, I'll wait for spyman. Thanks any way.

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    When you say reflashing the chip, does that mean I should of flashed the chip once all ready ?

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    no, it means theres a software issue with the chip, so you just start clean, i mean its not your drive if its working perfectly without

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    I would download the update from the website, burn it onto a disc and try to flash it. If not then I don't know what else.

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    Sorted it now. Spoke to the place I bought it from and they told me to cut 4 of the solder points (d,e,f,g). Done that and now the drive works.

    Now I'm trying to work out how to burn a wii game in ISO format onto a disc using my Mac. Any ideas?

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    really any program is just fine as long as you understand it, and it actually works

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