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Thread: Homebrew and Hard Drives

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    Homebrew and Hard Drives

    My Wii has a Wasabi V2 chip but there are some backed up games that will not run (like New Super Mario Bros).

    So I have decided to install Homebrew (my Wii is running on 4.1E) and back up my games on an external hard drive.

    Before I buy an external hard drive, should I get a mains powered external hard drive or one that runs off the USB power source? Is a powered external hard drive better or is there no difference.

    I was thinking of getting a 80gb hard drive, is that large enough?


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    Wasabi will play new super mario bros, you just need to update the chip - Wasabi Wii Modchip - Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E - Upgradable from DVD - Simply the best

    once you have done that, use the BCA patcher (on the same page) to insert the BCA data into mario bros and it will work fine.

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    Thanks, I was thinking of running Homebrew anyway as it seems a lot less hassle than burning loads of DVDs.

    I was just wondering if I should get a mains powered hard drive or a USB powered hard drive?

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    With a mains powered harddrive, you're always sure it has got enough power. I've heard people that had problems with USB powered ones.
    Also, try to get one without any low power mode (or one where you can turn that off) as the wii doesn't seem to like that either.

    Personally I have a mains powered one (IDE drive in enclosure) and it works fine
    No personal experience with USB powered ones
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    Mine is USB powered and has no issues.

    It did come with a 2 way cable, just incase 1 usb port doesnt provide enough power, you can hook up into the second port. But ive never needed it.

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