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Thread: DVD-R 4.7G AND DVD Raw Dumper questions?

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    DVD-R 4.7G AND DVD Raw Dumper questions?

    Hello. I have two questions. Maybe someone can help. So far everyone has been great on here.

    1. Has anyone every heard of a program used to backup/copy wii games to SD or usb called, cios DVD Dumper and does it work? link below!

    2. MOST wii games are usually over 4G. All that is available to me are 4.7g. If i had a game iso about 4.38G in size, is there any way to fit this to a 4.7g disk?

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    1) Don't ever use a softmod guide off of youtube, it will only make you angry, possibly even cry. Always use this site for your Wii softmod needs.


    2) Is your Wii already softmoded?

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    Yes, the Wii is already softmoded. I would like to backuyp a game that is about 4.38G in size but all i have is a 4G usb flash drive and a 4.7g dvd-r. Can i use the dvd-r4.7g to burn an iso file bigger than a 4.7g?

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    There isn't a way to compress a Wii game directly from the Wii's DVD drive to a smaller file size as it copies to your save stick (that I know of, I might be wrong, don't crucify me if I'm wrong). The program that guy uses on you tube would literally need to shrink or compress the .iso image to something smaller then 4 gigs as it copies to your stick. Is that what he's claiming this program does? If you had a specific LG DVD drive in your computer you could copy Wii games that way but they are ridiculously hard to find and cost more then they are worth. Let me know what that program does exactly.
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    No the program does not have anything to do with the 2nd question. I just want to know if a game bigger than 4.7G would fit and play right on a dvd-r 4.7g? If i burned a 4.38 game on a 4.7g dvd, would it fit?

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    How is 4.38 bigger than 4.7?
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    If the Wii game's file size is smaller then 4.7gigs (4.3gigs is smaller then 4.7gigs, 4.7gigs > 4.3gigs) it will fit on a 4.7gig DVD-R. If its bigger then 4.7gigs no you need a DVD-Rdl which are 8.5gigs. You also need a DVD-DL burner. Go to newegg and price an external hard drive or a 10gig usb flash drive. I payed 60 bucks for a western digital elements 500gig external hard drive. Has served me well so far.
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    A 4.38gb game iso is not bigger than 4.7gb so it will fit on a 4.7gb dvd-r disc. I think you just got confused with the way it looked. The 4.7gb dvd-r disc is actually 4.70gb so it is 320mb more than the 4.38gb game iso. I hope this helps you in some way otherwise nothing will, thank you.

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