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Thread: Wii not reading discs

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    Wii not reading discs

    My Wii has stopped reading discs. Last night I was playing Brawl and my Wii started making weird sounds. It would do this thing where the game would make some weird sounds and freeze for about 20 seconds, and a little while later it would work again. After having this problem for a couple of minutes, I got "An error has occured, eject the disc, turn the power off and consult the manual." I've had problems with ssbb before so I didn't think much of it, and turned my Wii back on after a few minutes. When I turned it back on my Wii wouldn't read the game at all. This has happened before so I ejected it and put it back in a few times until my Wii would read it. When I finally got it to read the disc, I started the game up. Immediately after I started it up it made some weird sounds. This went on for about 20 seconds and then I got the error message again. I tried to play it a few more times and got the same results. I wanted to see if it was just the game that was the problem or if it was my Wii so I tried out a few more games. I tried other Wii games, Gamecube games, and some Wii backup games (DVD Read error 1167 on neogamma), none of which worked. I've been playing it all week since Goldeneye was released, and haven't had any problems until last night. I've never had this problem with any game other then a few times with ssbb, but I always managed to get it to work. It did... fall a few feet on Sunday, but like I've said, I've been playing it all week without any problems until last night.

    I have a NTSC-U 4.1 softmodded Wii (I used this guide to softmod) that I bought in September 2007. I use Sony DVD-R discs for backups if that matters.

    tl;dr My Wii has stopped reading all games.

    I want to avoid sending it into Nintendo if I can. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Wow man that sucks. I never had that problem with my Wii but I've had it happen with my original Xbox and a ton of cd/dvd drives for my PC's over the years. I'm not an Wii technician nor do I claim to be a guru on the subject but I am an IT tech. It sounds like the DVD drive is shot. I use a external hard drive due to the stress that reading games (especially when you die in a game and it has to start over and reload, burns out the drive hardcore) puts on the drive. Hopefully I'm wrong but if its making goofy sounds it sounds like a hardware issue.

    If the Wii were a PC it would be a simple process but its DVD drive doesn't appear to be the standard IDE or SATA nor do I think it'll be easy to do a quick swap. Found this link from this site. If you have any technical/hardware skills you might wanna read it over and give it a try. Thought it might help but you might need to ship it off to Nintendo or just cut your losses and buy a new Wii. Starting from scratch will suck but its super easy to softmod a Wii plus it seems like you got a good library of backups to use once you restart.
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    We sell replacement drives, easy to swap. It's the laser from the sounds of it. Ssb is very hard on the laser since it's dual layer. Sony DVD-r isn't usually a good choice.
    Verbatim DVD-r made in japan/Singapore or Taiwan is your better bet.
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    Thanks biabia, but I'm just going to do what you did and get an external hard drive.

    Thanks Spyman, but like I said I'm just going to get an external hard drive.

    So now I have a few questions about hdds. I was thinking of getting a 500gb one. I only plan to use it for Wii games as of now, so I think that will be big enough. What brand should I get? I've read that Seagate and Western Digital are both pretty good brands. Any suggestions?


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