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Thread: How do I add Homebrew Browser and Wiiflow to my SD card

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    How do I add Homebrew Browser and Wiiflow to my SD card

    I know! it's a REALLY nooby question! please don't make fun of me... all i want to know is how to add to the SD card properly.. once i get that done i can handle the rest... so if i could have one of you guys post a very easy step by step guide on how to properly add it and where to add it that would be great... thanks =D

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    you can download it from Wiibrew and Wiiflow
    make a folder named "apps" on your root of your sd card , copy the content there and put the sd card in your wii
    press homebrew channel and there you will have it
    if you want for wiiflow a forwarder channel you can click on wiiflow setings in my signature
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    Guide Wiiflow installation and settings The Best Loader in my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by cracra View Post
    make a folder named aps on your root of your sd card , copy thw content there and put the sd car in your wii
    It needs to be named "apps" with 2 p's.

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