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Thread: A few question's, ones about the Wii Shop Channel...

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    Us A few question's, ones about the Wii Shop Channel...

    Hi, I have three questions I'm hoping someone can answer...

    1) Is there a way to get a complete wad list from my Wii? (I haven't actually needed to install any wads (knock on wood) to play backup disc's or load games from the configurable usb loader. I have the wad manager installed but I dont know exactly what wads are installed on my Wii. I used the 4.3 softmod guide from this site and downgraded my firmware to 4.1u. I'd like a list so I know that either (A) I'm missing a wad that's why a game/app wont run - OR - (B) its a completely un-wad related issue. (faster troubleshooting))

    2) How do I get the Wii shop channel to work again since I softmoded & downgraded my firmware to 4.1u? (My girlfriend plays Animal Crossing, she came to store when I picked up Call of Duty Black Ops, she bought Wii Speak to talk to her little sis while they play online, I need the shop channel to download the Wii speak Channel. God-for-F***ing-bid Nintendo includes a disc in the Wii Speak box, "Wii Speak Channel included" it says, they don't tell you that it can only be obtained through download lol.)

    & 3) Is down or something? Went to the home brew channel download apps thingy and no dice, just gives me errors about cannot connect to IP Address "blah blah blah". Tried to access the site on PC as well but times out. Any word?

    Thanks in advance, hoping for a timely responce & really do appreciate all the knowledge I obtain from this site.

    P.S Please excuse grammatical errors running out the door.

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    1. Perhaps you mean SysCheck. Wad is simply a packaging/delivery format with regard to data that's put onto the Wii. Look here to learn how to do this.

    2. Look here.

    3. Why don't you bother to check for the blog this was mentioned in?

    All the above illustrates the fact you either haven't bothered searching (the box in the upper right corner) or never made an Introductions post to get the search tutorial, to maximize your results.

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    Really appreciate the help nigtstah, your links to questions 1 & 2 were very helpful, however, what is this blog you speak of? (I know what a blog is but I cant find the one about CodeMii.) I'd also like to say, without making waves with a moderator, that I do use the search function as much as possible. I was running out the door as stated and was hoping that my insolence would be overlooked. I went ahead and introduced myself (filled out my bio as well) to appease you/abide by the rules and also show that I understand and respect a moderators plight. I really love this site and have learned a great deal in my short time as a member. I always say thank you and am willing to give credit when credit is due. Your the moderator so its your call on how you wanna handle post's. I really appreciate the help (if I'm coming off as condescending I apologize and please note that its not my intent, slightly intoxicated is all) and hope to continue to learn much, much more along with receiving any help I may need in the future. Once again thanks a bunch.


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