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Thread: Can anyone run TBR 1.14 well on 4.3U?

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    Can anyone run TBR 1.14 well on 4.3U?

    Here is the whole thing that I have now. I need to downgrade my ISO15 in order to change ISO 36, but for 4.3u, I must use TBR 1.14 version. But it always showed exception (DSI) occurred, I really don;t know why this is happened all the time!!!!!! Can any one help me install TBR on my 4.3u?

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    What guide are you using... Doesnt sound like any on here. Check mauifrogs 4.3 guide out here

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    for some reason, I never knew about tbr 1.14...
    but follow narse's advice and use the 4.3 softmod guide
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