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Thread: Ultimate Upgrade/Downgrade Guide

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    Smile Ultimate Upgrade/Downgrade Guide

    This post is now out of date - use one of the stickies instead

    It looks like lots of people need some help with this. This works for all regions (Downgrader may have some issues with Korean Wiis).


    Note that the best firmware for Homebrew is 3.2

    First of all, you will need to install the Homebrew Channel (HBC)
    I made a guide to installing it HERE

    Downgrade from 3.3 ore 3.4
    Downgrading from 4.0
    After getting to 3.2


    If you have 3.3v1, you can skip to step 10.
    Original post by n2locarz. I added some new links.

    After the HBC is installed on your Wii, delete everything on the card.

    Step 1 - Download these files: - Mirror

    Step 2 - Extract the Wii_Fix_Tools_Full_zip and drag the "apps" and "wad" folder on the SD card.

    Step 3 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘WAD Manager 1.3’

    Step 4 - Press ‘A’ on the Wii Mote once. The Wii should detect a SD Card. Press ‘A’ again to see a list of WADs on the SD Card. Use the ‘D-Pad’ to select ‘IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad’. Press the ’+’ to install the WAD. Once it has installed the WAD, press the ‘Home’ button to restart you Wii.

    Step 5 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘Custom WM’. Now using the same method as in ‘Step 4’, install the ‘cios_fix.wad’. Once it has installed the WAD, press the ‘Home’ button to restart you Wii.

    Note: If that fails to install, just use 'Wad Manager 1.3'

    Step 6 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘IOS Downgrader’. Just follow the instructions and wait until it finishes installing the necessary IOSs.

    NOTE: You're Wii does require connection to the Internet otherwise it won't work. Same for the next step.
    If you do have a Internet connection and you get errors while it's installing the IOSs, just restart the Wii and try again.

    Step 7 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘Install Shop IOS51’. Say ‘Yes’ to installing the ‘IOS51’ and ‘Yes’ to patching a fix but ‘No’ to the ‘Wii Shop Channel’ (it shouldn’t matter if you install but it won’t make any difference). If it doesn't work the first time (116 error), keep trying. It may take a couple tries.

    Step 8 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘WAD Manager 3’.

    Step 9 - Now you should be able to install WADs. Try installing the ‘WAD MANAGER V3.wad’

    Step 10 - Downgrade to 3.2 or whatever firmware you want. Make sure you choose the right region or you will semi-brick your Wii. (U = USA, E = Europe, J = Japan)
    Use this file with the HBC to downgrade. Make sure you put it in a folder in the 'apps' folder. - Mirror
    You can also use AnyRegion Changer to downgrade.
    WARNING: When using AnyRegion Changer, skip straight to the "Downgrade to 3.2" option. Do not changer any other region or shop settings.

    Your Wii is now downgraded!

    Assuming you have the HBC, all you need to do us use this file and choose your firmware. - Mirror
    If you don't have the HBC, use the Twilight Hack and put the file from the above download on the root of your SD card.
    Downgrading from 4.0

    The most recommended firmware is 3.2. If you used the downgrade or upgrade option to get to 3.2, I recommend installing Starfall. Srarfall is an app that installs system menu hacks that you choose. You can install these hacks:
    • Region free GC games with video mode patch
    • Region free Wii games
    • Region free channels
    • No mainmenu BGM
    • Start rescue-menu when Y is held on 1st GC controller
    • Remove rescue-menu diagnostic disc check
    • Replace health warning with backmenu
    • Skip disc update check

    I recommend:
    • Region free Wii games
    • Region free channels
    • Start rescue-menu when Y is held on 1st GC controller (incase you brick your Wii)
    • Skip disc update check

    Make sure you know what you are doing. Don't ask questions about it in this thread. This is optional.
    Starfall - WiiBrew
    I will update this thread as new updates come out.
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    couldnt you have asked N2 to edit his? well reguardless ill edit my Faq with this link over any other

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    n2 didn't type it himself, he use a guide from gbatempt and modified it.

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    i know but his was enough xD

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    does step 6 always take a while to finish? It has been saying
    >>Downloading and installing content #01...
    for about 5 minutes now and it dosn't look like anything is going on... Is this normal?

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    well in experence i thought the same but its just slow to download or big or something else

    just watch tv for a bit and then come back if its not done in 30 mins you got a issue

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    ok, i will wait it out.. Its saying #13 now so it is doing something. Thanks

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    i think i bricked my wii. it gave me errors during the IOS downgrader install so I restarted the wii and tried again. then when I opened the homebrew channel i get a black screen that says
    "The System files are corrupted. Please refer to the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting." Is it bricked?

    I am still able to play wii games...

    EDIt: I restarted again and it works again. I am retrying step 6
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    I got to the point now where I have a wad manager channel and wii gator channel on my wii. I have no idea what to do from here though. Wad Manager channel just restarts my wii and I do not see where I am supposed to downgrade...
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    Try going to the Wii system settings. If you get some kind of http error, you have a semi brick.

    If this is the case, check out this thread:

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