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Thread: USB peripherals and USB loading.

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    USB peripherals and USB loading.

    Hey all,
    So it's that time when we think about things to buy for our kids. Currently I'm using USB loading for our games. I want to get my son DJ Hero 2 but don't quite understand how 1 USB port would be efficient. Can someone explain how these Rock Band type of games work as far as say using drums, keyboard, mic, guitar on 1 USB port? Is there some kind of USB hub that connects from that or? So my concern is DJ Hero requires 2 turn tables and a Microphone (that's just LOL saying that for some reason. Long live Beck!) Anyhow, are these all gonna work off a single USB? If so can whomever is answering explain the technology I.E. USB hub, USB chaining. Please don't just say yes it'll work Merry Xmas lol..

    Thanks Guys

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    You only need one open USB port for DJ Hero 2 and that's only if you want to use the mic. The turntables plug into a remote like a nunchuck or classic controller.
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