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Thread: Question about HDD should be always On or Off after turn off Wii.

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    Question about HDD should be always On or Off after turn off Wii.


    I have a question regarding my external HDD. It's a generic one, the cover says one brand but internally my PC detects it as a Toshiba. Whatever.
    The point is that this HDD has a blue LED to show it's on. Since I bought it, when it's connected to the Wii, the blue LED indicator is always turn on, even when I turn off the Wii, the HDD remains on, I don't know why, maybe it was because the remain current or something.
    Today I had to disconnect several times the Wii because some issue I had with one game (continues freezing), finally I made it work but now when I turn off the Wii, the HDD too. I mean now the blue LED indicator is turned off, the HDD is off. Why did this happen? Is this a normal behavior?
    Ah! almost forget. The HDD has not direct current connection, it feeds from Wii.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Was your Wii put on stand-by mode beforehand (when powered off has yellow light)? Because I remember when my Wii use to be in stand-by mode anything plugged in the usb ports could be charged. That's what comes to my mind anyways.
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