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Thread: Priiloader will not load (Wii 4.3u SSBB hack)

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    Priiloader will not load (Wii 4.3u SSBB hack)

    Hi everyone I just started softmodding my wii and I have followed this guide - (
    to a T so far. The problem is when I go to the Priiloader installation, it the guide says it will freeze and just to hold reset and boot while holding reset and Priiloader will load but it doesn't work.

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    So if it installed correctly, just turn it off, and boot it, after like a second, THEN hold reset.

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    The problem is when after I boot and reset it just takes me back to the Multi-Mod-Manager screen. I'm not sure if it's even installed.

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    I have the same problem with my 4.1E.
    I had no time to run complete wad Install again. Maybe this is could work.
    I already had the Priiloader installed, but in an older Version.
    Also you can try to enter the Main menu by going into the Priiloader Menu, chose the first choice
    and then press Save Changes.
    This is no permanent solution, but you can use your Wii again.
    I hope some can tell us a real working solution.

    Kind Regards

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    Again folks, If you have an issue performing the steps within a guide. Ask questions in the thread of the guide you are following.
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