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Thread: my wii or the Wiikey?-Noobie

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    Ca my wii or the Wiikey?-Noobie

    Hello, I tried reading thru the forums to see if anyone had a simular problem. Didn't see any , so I am reaching out to see if someone can help.

    Issue: my old wii was recently modded. It played older originals and burned copies of lego stars wars, mario strikers charged .A week later, it doesn't play the lego game at all. If i put another game in (original or not ) it won't read the disk.Mostly there is no error msgs, just once or twice it posted "unable to read disc". my reset button does nothing.

    I have to shut it down and unplug the system. once replugged, it will play an original . Copies on the other hand play but sometimes freeze.

    games are local region.

    any ideas

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    i would try cleaning the laser
    cleaning the discs
    maybe try reburning

    but i would above all try cleaning the laser

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    ok thanks...can you use something to clean the laser without opening the Wii? I don't have hardware skills at all.

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    yes you can
    Buy Wii Lens Cleaner Kit (Nintendo Wii) - Order Now!
    items like that can do the job just fine


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