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Thread: Want to make a backup of my wii game?

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    Want to make a backup of my wii game?

    Hello. So far this website has been a GREAT friend!

    I would like to make a backup copy of my wii games so i wont ruin the originals. How do I backup the game and get around the copyright protection? Or can i just copy it and use imgburn?

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    I think you will find that it's not that easy to copy a Wii game directly from disc on the computer unless your DVD writer reads it. If so, then imgburn or UltraIso, MagicIso etc will make an iso file no problem. However, if you are using an external USB drive, the simplest way is to copy the disc directly to the drive with one of the USB loaders. I use Wiiflow. After that you can use WBFS on the computer to make an iso to store on the computer or burn and your DVD writer shouldn't have any further problems burning the iso.

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