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Thread: MadWorld

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    release Q1 2009 US, March 2009 EU

    i do have to say this game looks quite intresting for the simple fact it reminds me of my favorite movie Army of Darkness

    not a lot is really said about this game but, the plot is basically
    there is a group of terrorist they took over the world, now its a gameshow for survival.
    this game will use the mote/nunchuck and "The game will feature extreme, over-the-top violence." along with some comical elements :3

    thank you ign, and bdgamers for the images

    idk about anyone else but this game seems VERY intresting, and quite a fun looking game to play

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    I love the art style in this game, this is another release date game that i shall be getting.

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    I'm also very much looking forward to purchasing this game. I love the art direction and the play style.

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    I bet this game gets censored for the PAL region _

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    I got my hopes up when Nintendo Power had Mad World on the cover in June, but it was just a preview. It was a dirty trick but it worked on me.

    Pop this game in and show your 360 or PS3 fanboy friend and they will cry when you tell them it's not going to be on their fav console. It won't, however, change Nintendo's "Kiddie" image, which is sad.

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    i wish nintendo did more platforms, i feel i am the only one who loves those =[

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    This looks SWEET! Good art work. I saw this in my game-informer magazine.
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    I love the sin city look.

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    the trailer looks AMAZING =o I MUST PLAY

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    to me it looks like they were just to lazy to color it...

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