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Thread: Can you hack a 4.3 u Wii

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    Can you hack a 4.3 u Wii

    Thinking of buying a used Wii to hack. Asked the seller what firmware they were on and this is the response I got. Can anyone help me to determine whether or not it can be softmodded?


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    We say this what, once a day on average? ANY WII CAN BE HACKED. Production units a year old or less will have to go with USB HD, WODE, or Sundriver though. Your optical drive won't play backups (unless the unit is certainly about 1.5 yrs old or older). Also of note: 4.3 is the only System Menu version that absolutely requires a retail/original game (only four enable the unit to be hacked), so expect additional oulay in terms of expense (unless someone you know owns one of those four, lol).


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