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Thread: Problems installing USB LOADER gx using this guide?

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    Problems installing USB LOADER gx using this guide?

    Hello. I used this guide

    and have completed every step. I installed usbloadergx to play games. Everything in this guide worked. I have the usbloadergx channel on my front page and everything, BUT when i click the channel and click start, my wii remote shuts off and i get a black screen with a message that reads, "Exception occurred" and it also displays a bunch of numbers???

    I did everything like I should have in the guide. What did I do wrong? Why cant I run the loader? Just sitting here bummed out! lol I would be so grateful if someone could help me out.

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    Install this forwarder channel.

    Make sure your SD structure is like this:

    SD: apps/usbloader_gx/boot.dol

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    I just tried your advice and STILL the does the same thing as the usb loader channel. The program loads and then the screen goes blank and the wii remote shuts off.

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    got it! thanks!

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