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Thread: Problems with 4.3U, hardmod.

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    Problems with 4.3U, hardmod.

    So I downloaded COD:BO and I had 4.1U installed.

    When I tried to run the disc, the title screen showed up, and I clicked start. After that, the screen just turned black and my controller disconnected.

    I figured it was because this is a brand new game and it doesn't run on 4.1U. So I installed 4.3U. BADBADBAD!

    Sure, the game worked after that. I played for about 3 hours, but then my sister wanted to play some Mario Kart. I quit the game and ejected the disc and put it a new one. It said "Unable to read disc.", so I thought that the disc was dirty. After a couple of tries, I tried ANOTHER disc, and that one didn't work either!

    Now none of my discs work. What should I do?

    Should I follow the guide and proceed to softmod my Wii? Or should I downgrade to 4.2U, and if so, how?

    Thanks in advance

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    So I downloaded COD:BO
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