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Thread: what do I need for usb loader gx?

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    what do I need for usb loader gx?

    Hello all, I just started to get into hacking the Nintendo Wii. I seem have to come across some problems/questions. I am running 4.3U and I have the homebrew channel and bootMii installed. I would like to install usb loader gx. I tried just installing usb loader gx from the homebrew channel but that did not work I got an error. What do I need to install next?

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    You need to follow the mod any wii guide in my sig. Do the whole guide and you will have everything you need.

    HBC and Bootmii are just the beginnig of the modding process.
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    are you trying to run the usb loader gx dol from the hbc?
    or install the wad for the channel on the main menu?

    skellinator beat me to it...oh well
    but try what he says
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