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Thread: How do I install cIOS 250 Rev 20 with cIOS 249 Rev 17? (NeoGamma R8)

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    How do I install cIOS 250 Rev 20 with cIOS 249 Rev 17? (NeoGamma R8)

    I've use Wad Manager to install cIOS 250, it even says it installed but I still have IOS249

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    sure, it will remain. see for yourself
    How to post a syscheck: Instructions here
    both should be there.
    set your loader in the settings to actually use 250.
    oh you are with neogamma: then install cIOS249rev20 if you really want to use it to load the game (neogamma can't switch to any other slot).

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    Im trying to play Call of Duty Black Ops, it freezes on the loading screen on ios249 rev 19. I heard cios250 rev20 fixes this. Is this true?

    Also I am a complete newbie at this, I modded my wii myself 2 years ago and forget everything, my friend just recently updated it for me back in the summer. So how would I install cios249 rev20?

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