This relates to the topic I created below but I can't find anyone with enough knowledge so if anyone knows the answer to this I would be extremely grateful

I am playing NTSC gamecube backups on my Wii using Wiigator, installed using Mauifrog's 4.3 guide. The problem is that some of the games play with borders to the left & right (even when playing a game set to widescreen) but I want them to play fullscreen. The guy I spoke to on the previous thread said they got full screen for their out-of-region retail games by replacing the custom MIOS (that the 4.3 guide installed) with the official MIOS and using the gecko launcher but I want to use backups and I strongly suspect that replacing the custom MIOS will remove my ability to do that. I tried using the gecko os launcher but it just launched me into Wiigator (which isn't fullscreen for some games). Is there another way to get all games displaying at fullscreen?

Strangely, with wiigator, some PAL games display bordered with their NTSC counterparts displaying fullscreen while others are the opposite way around :/

Cheers, Andy