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Thread: Please read before posting, just about everything for newer people!

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    Please read before posting, just about everything for newer people!

    This guide, is to limit questions being answered, and help, newer people, find everything they need to become more well versed in the Wii hacking community, and have a decent or better understanding of what their doing, in addition to helping them, become more self dependent, and able to help themselves, to make their Wii hacking time most enjoyable!

    The master guide to help here!

    If your guide didn't get posted here, and or you feel a guide is missing from here, feel free to PM me, or contact me and ill see about adding it!

    thank you, and i hope this helps your wii hacking experience to be a good, and easy one!
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    Thanks for letting me join and hope i can help or be helped lol.

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    Just to say thanks

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    hope to learn and help

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    thanks. hope I can find an answer for why the backed up version of Mario Kart won't play.

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    it needs a update, also scrubbed copies dont always work

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    wow - thanks, I wasn't expecting such a quick response.
    my wii is has only been updated with the firmware updates that nintendo sends out.
    when you say 'it needs a update', are you referring to firmware version 3.3?
    the mario kart is the first backed-up game that I've tried and it doesn't appear to be scrubbed - it is a full 4gb iso image

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    mario kart, galaxy, and brawl have a special update required , install from the disc

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    I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in teaching me how to finally successfully hacking my wii. Thanks a million.

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    i do what i can

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