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Thread: [Mac OSX] How to create Game Channels for System Menu on Mac OSX

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    [Mac OSX] How to create Game Channels for System Menu on Mac OSX

    Hi all,

    I recently decided to hack my Wii and installed all Homebrew stuff. So now I have games on my USB drive which I load through USB Loader CFG.

    I would like to add channels to the System Menu so I won't have to go through the Loader app to launch a game. So basically I want all my games as seperate channels on the Wii System Menu.

    I know it's possible through the installation of .wad files for each seperate game. But how do I create these .wad files for all of my games on MAC?

    Windows has Loadstructor to make these kind of files from .WBFS, but is there any Mac alternative or other method to obtain valid en correct .wad files?


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    Unfortunately there isnt alot of programs available for macs to do such a thing as you are asking.
    You can always install BootCamp if you have a intel based imac. This will allow you to install Windows XP and run all windows based apps.
    See The install Windows On Your Mac guide in my signature.

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