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Thread: Weird problem with D2PRO/Wiiclip

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    Weird problem with D2PRO/Wiiclip

    Hi. New to this site.

    Well I got a weird problem with my friends Wii. I bought two D2PRO chips with Wiiclip. They work fine on my Wii. I have a G2C NTSC.

    My friend has a G2C2 PAL. They didn't work on his, it wouldn't load any backup games, only the utility disk. But I think I need to update the FW on the D2PRO to make it work.

    But the really weird problem is that I tried my dvd drive on my friends Wii, but it didn't work. It still just boot the utility disk. But when I change it back to mine it works perfect. I thought that the drives were generic. Do I need to reset the chip or something?

    Another question. What's the difference between the hardware firmware and the software firmware in the menu on the utility disk?
    How do I update them?
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