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    wii flow

    Please could anybody tell me how to install wiiflow to my wii 4.1
    please make it easy for me as i am verrrrry new
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    Wondering too, can't find any info on the site but I guess you just install the WAD file? But to what CIOS do you need to install it? 36?

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    a) there is a guide: Wiiflow Installation/setup
    b) .wad installation is to get it as a channel, otherwise you get and app and put it into sd:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol to run it.
    c) 36 is none of the (c)IOS you use to load games, that would be 249/259/222/223 etc. depending on what you want to accomplish, like load from wbfs drives, or FAT32 or NTFS you may have to make sure which version of wiiflow you get..
    d) also check out wiiflow's project site wiiflow - Project Hosting on Google Code to get the different versions or special flavors if you want to use one.

    good luck

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