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Thread: Need help simplifying my modding method.

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    Ca Need help simplifying my modding method.

    I've been moddin Wii's for quite some time now, but am still performing needless tasks just because I want to be 100% sure that things will be done right. So I'd appreciate if someone could just tell me which steps are unnecessary.

    For Wii's on 4.2u:

    After installing hbc and deleting stubbed IOS's I:

    Install cios38rev14 (Needless step 1 eh?)
    Than I install cios38rev17
    Install various IOS's for better game compatibility
    Install usb laoders emulators etc.
    Install cIOS202 v4
    Install cIOS222 v4 (needless wad instillation?)
    Install cIOS223 v4 (needless wad instillation?)
    Then I run the cIOS 222/223 installer and install 222 ( ? )
    and Then I run the cIOS 222 installer and install 222 with 38 merged with 37
    then I run it again and install 223 with ios38 merged with 70
    Final step is Priiloader.

    So as you can see I think I am installing things over and over again. I'd appreciate it if someone could help tidy this up a bit.


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    what guide are u using ?

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    I got most of the information from a friend. The last bit with the cios222 installer I got from a guide about how to get Guitar Hero working.


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