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Thread: softmod wii wont play backups

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    Hi to you all, i had my wii softmoded about a year ago everything was ok until yesterday i put in a game and it comes up with an error (002). The games show up in the disk channel but when i click on it it just comes up with the error, I can still play original games. is there anyway i can get it to work again, thanks

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    try using a USB drive with CFG USB loader. works a treat.
    I just used a FAT32 USB Drive, plugged it in the back, and then put the game disc in, load up CFG via the Homebrew channel, then when CFG loads up, press the + button to 'install the game onto the external USB drive, once that is done, and the game shows up, press A on the game, then, and this is important, press the 1 key on you Wiimote to go into options, scroll down to where it says IOS249, press right and change it to IOS 222 m-load, press 2 to save options then press A to start the game. Works on every game I've tried so far except for Prince of Persia games that need to be on IOS 250 (done in the same way as described above).

    Hope this helps, happy gaming.

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