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Thread: no more heroes error on modded wii

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    Angry no more heroes error on modded wii

    I've got a modded wii, 3.1, trying to boot no more heroes US, it appears in the menu with all the fancy animation etc, but when you press start it gives a "error, game disc couldn't be read. Read wii operations manual".
    Disc burnt at 4x, so there shouldn't be any problem with it, other games work fine.
    My friend had the same problem and he solved it by booting via gecko regionfree loader. However, I get the exactly same error.

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    some of thems needed to be patched like SMG, MKW, and such i owuld look into that, or using his copy, and seeing if it keeps appearing

    if it works, then its your disc
    if it doesnt work, its you, and maybe youre missing a update thats on the disc

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    patched with what?
    what copy?
    smg and mkw work just fine and there aren't any updates on the disc as far as i know

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    some games required a patch to run those games were SMG, and MKW, and some games require updates like those, and SMBB

    you said your friend had a copy, try his duh -,_-,

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