Greetings, I come from a small gaming and emulation community that I run. I use the handle Xtreme2damax at nearly every community I participate at. I'm an avid gamer that enjoys PC gaming, gaming through emulation, and gaming on the Wii and Xbox 360. That is my passion and the reason I started my own community. :P

Anyways I joined here about a year ago because I did something foolish and ended up bricking my Wii. Yes I tried virginizing an old v4.2 Wii I had that I recently updated from v3.2 so I could use homebrew and USB loaders. I installed a wad file that I shouldn't have installed and fully bricked my Wii. I was stupid and didn't make a backup of my nand with bootmii as a boot2.

I recently came back since my parents became interested in NSMB: The Next Levels, I told them the only way to play the game was on a homebrew enabled Wii. So I had the task of enabling their old Wii with a shot disc drive for homebrew.

I followed the guide by ShadowSonic2 to enable the v4.2 Wii for homebrew, USB Loader GX and Gamecube backups, making sure to install bootmii as boot2 and make a backup of the nand this time. I successfully formatted a WBFS partition and am running my backups from a USB drive.

Live and let learn I suppose. :P