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Thread: Loose Wii remote while updating HBC

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    Loose Wii remote while updating HBC

    This may have already been answered a million times here, but I can't seem to find any clarity on the subject through searching. I have run into a strange problem lately. I have helped several friends lately get HBC on their Wii's and everything has gone smoothly. I was working with a friends Wii last night and noticed how much better I like the new 1.08 version of the HBC better than the 1.06 that I have on mine. So, I went to update. Thats where the problems begin.

    I can download the update, but as soon as it takes me to the screen with the scam warning where I have to press 1 to Wii remote dies and disconnects from my Wii. I have tried to resync it with the red button on the wii and the one near the battery in the remote, but that does nothing. I have 4 remotes in my house and I have tried each one by setting each up to be controller 1 before trying to update my HBC. However, the same exact thing happens with all 4 remotes no matter which one I use, the remote simply disconnects and all 4 lights flash continously. Can somebody please advise what I can do to get past this?

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    c'mon...somebody has had this issue surely.

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    Have you tried putting the wiimote as close to the sensor bar as possible? Is this only the case while you're updating the HBC?
    I wouldn't really know, never seen this before... What Firmware are you on?

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    Yea, I've tried about everything. Like I said 4 different remotes, new batteries, up close to the sensor bar, far away, everything. Everything works great up until I try to update the HBC. I'm at 4.2U.

    I'm beginning to think I might have some manner of IOS issue. I'm trying to research what all I should have installed for 4.2U. Anyone know right off the top of your head?

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    Did you ever get your problem fixes and i have the identical problem??


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