Well, here I was with system 4.2U. I decided I wanted to downgrade to 4.1U even though every reputable sites suggests it's risky. Go figure. Something went wrong (probably a left over stub from 4.2) and I was fully bricked. =(

After dreading life for a day or two, I contacted Bad_Ad84 here on WiiHacks. He not only repaired my IOS stub, but left all my data intact and as it was before my n00b brick. Additionally, I also had him swap out my Wiis motherboard woth a older Boot2 for Bootmii support. Now I can n00b around all day and restore any real damage I do! After all, why learn through reading when you can break stuff?

Although some data loss occurs from the NAND decrypt/encrypt from one motherboard to another through Betwiin (it will ignore any bad NAND block), I can recover the data from the NAND dump he did before the change over.

Thanks again to Bad_Ad84 and all his hard work. I recommend anyone who needs a full debrick service (i.e. NAND programmer), to check out Bad_Ad84!