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Thread: stuck on preloader

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    stuck on preloader

    ok six months ago i installed preloader,after that i didnt touch the wii for 6 wii remote cant sync with the wii for some reason..... so i cant move from the preloader screen. i searched the forums and found i can use gc controller to pass the preloader screen the problem is i dont have gc controller and i cant get 1 so i am stuck.
    any1 has any other options for me?
    i dont know if it matters but i dont remember on what system i install preloader(it was six months ago after all). this a link for the photo.
    IOS v60 Systemmenu v450 preloader v0.29
    pls help me!!!

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    The same answer that applied six months ago hasn't changed in time: gamecube controller. A lot of wishful thinking, eh? Go out and buy one, they can be found for $10 --- c'mon.

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    the place where i live is quite expansive gc costs here 100$ which i dont have

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    Where in the heck do you live?

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    does this site safe like ebay?

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    They accept paypal and I use them regularly.

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    Do you have boot2 bootmii installed?
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