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Thread: How do I downgrade from 4.3e without games??

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    How do I downgrade from 4.3e without games??

    hey, I'm new to this hacking stuff and wondered if someone can help. i have the wii with 4.3e menu and wondered if there is any way to hack it without games?? i have tried a few suggestions but i dont want to break my wii. my goal is to be able to play games from a usb stick.

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    Sorry, As far as I know there's no way to hack a 4.3 system without using a game exploit.
    Check this guide :

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    Confirmed: Impossible. Get (buy/borrow/rent) one of the games mentioned. (without having the wii previously softmodded or chipped it is not possible with one of the original game discs).
    Further questions would go in the 4.3 guides thread.
    Maybe say hello in the Introduction section as well to get more helpful links to get along this site.

    good luck and have fun modding your wii

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    Thank you for the information. I live in the highlands so not many places to get games lol. Will keep trying.


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