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Thread: Did I do it right? wii 4.3u softmod- also is there supposed to be anything on HBC?

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    Did I do it right? wii 4.3u softmod- also is there supposed to be anything on HBC?

    ok new here hope this is in the right spot

    Wii 4.3u softmod a few days ago did everything on the guide, wont play disc games or play dvd movies or play sd card games have not tried usb yet because i dont have one,
    anyways- i have the homebrew channel on my wii but when i go to it it just has bubbles on the screen is their supposed to be anything on that channel or is it just for games? i read the homebrew guide but it just talked about applications and stuff?? gosh im sorry im so confused cant you tell

    if someone would be willing to call me or let me call them i would really appreciate it like so so much i am in ohio please let me know lol i know that sounds stupid but i am desperate wow!

    so my error message is 1167 cant read dvd disc, so i burned at lowers speeds i burned at 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 8 and 16 at first by mistake none of them work tried 4 different games from kickass torrent site, anyways i just dont know what to do anymore and its really annoying so if you can help id really appreciate it, thanks again
    -Maria ! confuseedddddd

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    Your Wii is more then likely to now to play backup DVD. If that is the case then your easiest option would be to use a USB hard drive. As far as you question about apps in HBC look here for an answer to that question.

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    thanx i will tomorrow i am so tired of this stuff but thanx!!! i know u guys get these questions 24-7 -M

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    Now that you've ghot homebrew installed you will probably need to actually 'hack' your wii. As long as you have used a forwarder for the homebrew channel (can you see the HB Channel when the SD card is NOT plugged in) then wipe the SD card and install is the link to download it
    DARKCORP v1.1 Released

    It has a download link and a tutorial for how to do it.
    When you start to install it it looks like nothing is happening for a couple of minutes but just be patient and let it run, takes about ten minutes or so.

    If that don't work (which it should) then google 'pimp my wii' and use that INSTEAD that should solve your problem.

    Hope this helps and if it does please click the 'thanks' button!!

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    Oh yeah and CFG USB Loader is good, better than discs as it gets past some of the 'game freezing' issues that you get on some newer games.

    All this info was given to me by some very kind people on this site!!

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    I don't think anyone on this site will agree with your suggestions...
    Please do not recommend pimpmywii as there are more then enough examples around where users made things worse by using this app.

    also darkcorp should always be user's choice and not recommended. same as above, enough failure with that around.
    actually it won't help a little bit if he has a new wii which is just not capable of playing backup discs.

    if you end up with the hbc only with bubbles you didn't complete an actual softmod guide, did you?
    when you only installed the hbc you are not done yet with hacking.
    please refer to the softmod any wii guide linked below or the 4.3 softmod guide.
    to check if you have a chance to play backups.

    Track down the Wii's serial No. (sticker on the console's back) and just find it out!

    If you got a DVD drive with one of the newer D3-v2 or D4 chips you won't be able to play any burned dvd (game or movie), only retail Wii and GC games will run on your console (all recently bought Wiis will have one of those chips).
    You got one? Go for a softmodding USB loading route.

    but again newer wii's cant play burned discs.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Yeah, I agree with vinatec, use the softmod guide from this site, I am just an amature at this and was just trying to help. In have used Darkcorps a few times now and had no probs, but strongly recomend using the hack any wii guide from this site.

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    Pimp My Wii = Brick My Wii

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    Like I said apologies for recommending pimp my wii.

    Best bet is to just follow thev softmod any wii guide given on here. Works a charm if you FOLLOW EVERY STEP. Read the guide, read it again then follow it to the letter.


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