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Thread: Save Data/Mii Recovery from NAND

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    Save Data/Mii Recovery from NAND

    Hi, I did some searching and didn't really find a straight answer. After extracting my NAND with ShowMiiWads, how can I restore my extracted saves/Miis to a new Wii?

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    When you backup all, it goes to folder savedata. I believe most of the savegames are in 00010000, and if you copy these folders to the correct location you can restore them with savegame manager. I can not recall the exact folder setup, but with some tinkering you should be able to figure it out. As for the miis, I don't know, but I should work the same way.
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    Thanks for the tip. I did some more research and here is what I found:
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    Games found on retail game discs have Title-IDs starting with 00010000 and 00010004.
    Guide: Low-level brick: accessing saves from nand backup


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