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Thread: Entertaining Title, I'll Grant You That (was Newest noobie problem child right here.)

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    Entertaining Title, I'll Grant You That (was Newest noobie problem child right here.)

    Most of my wii games won't load. I can get the games title at the load screen then it just goes black. I tried installing the Home Brew Channel using Idiana Jones, but I can't get the Idiana Jones Pwns to load on my wii. It says I have to first play the game, which I did, and I made sure there was a save game, which there was. My wii is at 3.1u and I really nervous about updating. I already screwed up one wii doing so, I just switched my wii with my mother's and got another flatmii125. If someone can at least point my to a thread for help. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack around here. Tons of info

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    What guide are you following? If a wiihacks guide (perhaps mauifrog's ANY wii guide?), why aren't you posting within that thread? If not, perhaps a quick "hello" post in the Introduction section of the site would be in order? You'd get excellent starter links...

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    ^ Good advice! Check the guides here because if you are on 3.1 it would be a lot easier to bannerbomb your Wii than to screw around with Indiana Pwns.
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