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Thread: Unlimited wii downloads

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    Question Unlimited wii downloads

    HELP!!!! Can anyone tell me if this is a cocher site before I part with 26. I'm looking to download games without a mod chip and Google rates this site

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    you need a mod chip to play backup games

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    if you play games without a modchip with the program, you have like 30 semi working games, that in reality dont work very well its not worth doing and spend the euros twords a chip if anything

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    Us Mod Chip it

    I tried using the wii without a mod chip and now i started to get issues with my wii drive. so please dont try it, just go buy a chip. the wiikey2 works great

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    All of those type of sites are fake and scams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurtisboyd View Post
    All of those type of sites are fake and scams.
    Agreed. They have the same selection and are just as legal as the rest of the internet.
    Need Homebrew channel? Want to downgrade or install starfall? Want to install Gamma backup launcher? Click Here!

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    Personally I would like to have a modchip. But can not afford one rite now. So I have been using gamma 3.0 It is a backup loader that is run through homebrew. And actually I am very happy with my results so far. 6 out of 7 games work fine.


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