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Thread: wiikey fusion freezes when selecting game

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    wiikey fusion freezes when selecting game

    I'm using a wiikey fusion on current firmware as of 9nov10. On a d3-2 drive wii. Problem: wiikey fusion freezes after I select a game. unsure what's causing the problem. It still loads games after i reset it but it no longer autoboots.

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    If your refering to the auto-reset to automatically load a game, for my hardware setup it has never been able to do that for whatever reason. I always had to use the power button after picking a game.

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    This wii was a virgin when I got it. The first thing I put on it was the wiikey fusion and it autobooted like magic when I selected games. Then I decided to add all of this software I have yet to learn. Like the homebrew channel and the bootmii software. I don't know what's preventing it from doing it, but I wish someone would figure it out.

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    it is probably priiloader which blocks updates and autoresets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trikon000 View Post
    it is probably priiloader which blocks updates and autoresets.
    I can only find autostart and autoboot options in the priiloader hacks. Is it one of these that is affecting the autoresets?

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    I know that I don't have wiigator installed on mine, and priiloader is the only thing that loads before the boot sequence.

    Whatever the wiikey fusion uses to detect the holding the reset button to reset and start the game falls in one of the settings that priiloader blocks by default.

    I personally find pressing the power button twice is easier than holding the reset button down.


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