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    D2sun v3

    Hi, im totally new to this forum and just wanted to ask something. Ive just fitted a d2sun v3 modchip to my d2e chipset on my wii and it works perfectly and reads all my backups first time, but when it reads a backup i can hear the lens going ballistic all the time and is noisy but when i put in a original game the lens doesnt move anywhere near as much and is alot quieter. Any ideas why its doing that? Could it be the disks im using? Im using verbs btw.


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    Hi slymambo,
    What kind of Verbatims are you using....i.e -R or +R? I am new and from talking to modz, they have recommended -R for being less strenuous on the lens while reading the data.

    Hope this helps.


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    I have found that Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DVD-R work best. I sometimes have read issues with +R of the same brand. Other media brands are nothing but inconsistent and problematic, but these two seem to work well on all Wii's. Your burner also plays a big role - I prefer Pioneer, or newer LG drives burn quite well too.


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