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Thread: Anyone willing to take me through Indiana Pwns Step-by-step

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    Anyone willing to take me through Indiana Pwns Step-by-step

    Yes I've read the tutorial from maui like 5 times but it's mostly going over my head. Too many abbreviations of things I don't understand. Right now I have a 2GB Lexar SD card, a 4GB Quill Flash drive that I'm planning to load my games from for now until I get an HDD and Lego Indiana Jones is being shipped to me and should be here any day now. I've downloaded Hackmii, Indiana Pwns, WBFS v1.2 for mac and +cfg usb loader. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to chat with me on AIM or Skype or something once my game arrives and help me mod my Wii while I do it. This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I wouldn't mind to help you via MSN, but it's not allowed. You'll have to do it with mauifrog's guide, as there's nothing really that we can explain here that he doesn't...

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    So just join the chat. always kindly helping people around.
    just of the thread title i thought you are interested what you have to do in the game (never listen to youtube tutorials!!) and that is really the hardest part..
    the rest of the modding is just load a program, press A, waiit, load another programm, press A, wait..
    nothing to fear. you'll figure out how everything is going. just stick to the guide and follow it, as you read it a couple of times you will do it easily.
    Also good link: the Softmod Basics will help you to get along with those abbreviations etc.

    good luck, have fun modding

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    Thanks for the advice guys I'll definitely check out the chat and the threads you've advised once my game comes. Thanks again and wish me luck

    One more question Maui's tutorial says to download hackmii but never says to download the indians pwns hack do I need both or just hackmii?

    AND also why does everyone say not to follow any youtube tutorials? Aren't there any good ones? If there isn't why doesn't someone from the forums who knows what they're doing make one? I would think a well made youtube video would be more helpful than a text tutorial.
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