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Thread: Followed the Virginized Tutorial, but....

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    Question Followed the Virginized Tutorial, but....

    OK now I have FEW questions...
    With ATD should I have uninstalled anything under the "Hidden Titles Channel"?
    Also, I am going to be selling this WII will the NEW owner be able to use this console as if he/she were buying a NEW console? as far as using the wii 24? downloading updates? downloading things for channels and through the channels?
    I have READ to NEVER UPDATE through the wii 24, but I thought that meant only if it were hacked. I just don't want to feel guilty if this thing crashes on somone, especially with the holidays coming!

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    How about asking the question there instead of here?
    It'd be easier for other members with the same question to look in that thread (whay they won't do anyway, but the world hasn't run out of miracles yet) and get the answer to their question.
    I'm seriously wondering why new members make it so hard for themself?
    The guide isn't there for nothing...use it to ask your questions and find the answers if something's not clear to you.

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