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Thread: Wii2600 Rom loading Problems

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    Question Wii2600 Rom loading Problems

    I have a 4.3u that is softmodded. I have been trying to get my roms to boot but it says invalid roms. I cant find anywhere what format the roms should be in. I have a million but they are all .ATR. Does anyone know an emulator that can boot that file type on a wii? Also, I tried booting from from the SD.

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    2600 ROMs are usually .a26, .bin, or .rom if they are not zipped. There is no supported file types listed for Wii2600 so I'm going to assume it has the same compatibility as Stella (which it is based on), so it would be able to use the three file types I listed plus .zip and .gz if they are compressed.
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    alright, I guess these rom (which were from my xbox) will not work then. Ill have to find some more that are compatible. Thanks

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    I got some Atari roms that are .bin. but when i load them with Wii2600 they are .atr files like my other roms. Anyone else know whats really going on?


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