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Thread: Just bought a Red Wii

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    Just bought a Red Wii

    I have been away from the Wii hacking community for a LONG time. I originally bought a Wii on launch, back then it was easy to hack by just installing a WiiKey, and burning the game. Now I have to worry about firmware updates, and other soft mods.

    My question is, what's the best way about modifying my new Red Wii now? I still haven't opened it yet because I want to make sure this console is hackable. Should I look into buying another WiiKey, which one should I get?

    Also, my brother-in-law has a launch day Wii with a WiiKey I believe firmware 3.2. I can't get Super Mario Galaxy 2 to play, should I update the firmware? Will I still be able to install WADs if I do that? Thanks for any help!

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    Any Wii can be hacked. This will have SM 4.3 on it; it'll require one of four original/retail discs to hack it. Gone are the days of running backups via DVD; USB HD is the way. Post yourself a quick "hello" post here as site rules sugest.

    On the SMG2 question: we have a guide for that game, I'd suggest searching but...
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