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Thread: Wii menu 4.3u and Bootmii

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    Wii menu 4.3u and Bootmii

    I am very new to wii modding and I installed homebrew channel and browser.

    After that i unknowingly updated to the bad 4.3u menu.

    Now I cant use the bannerbomb exploit to install bootmii.

    I am trying to prepare my wii to play iso's from my usbdrive

    I know about the smash bros exploit but want to be sure i have everything ready to when i rent it.

    What must i install when i rent that the iso games?

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    Read the guide.
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    Ok i installed from the 4.3guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Read the guide.

    Ok I read and installed the guide and it went well.

    Installed correct.

    I only skipped part 3 ( changing region.)

    Now I have to try a usb game before I buy a usbdrive.

    I want to try a iso on my 4 gb usbthumbdrive.
    Does anyone know what wii iso from wiiiso will fit on a 3.8 gb usbthumbdrive?

    Can I do this?
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