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Thread: Is there a NDS emulator for the wii?

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    Is there a NDS emulator for the wii?

    Title says it all I have NDS roms just wondering if they can be played on the wii?

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    =.= ofc, couldnt you have just googled that, and found the anwser + the program....

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    Your right I suppose I got to complacent with yourself my bad!

    edit: I googled it and according to the experts there isn't an emulator that can play NDS games on the wii, thats a shame I thought someone would have designed one where instead of tapping the screen you move the controller and press A

    Maybe in the future someone may come out with one.
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    That would of been pointless though, since some games need to pointing and button pushing. I don't see the point in a NDS emu on the Wii. Maybe someone will release one, but I still believe a better N64 emu is top priority in the emu world.

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    Yeah but for saddos like me we like the sudokos

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    i recalled seeing one with 3 games, they ONLY could get the click to play games working, and the project was droped because it wasnt a worthwhile endivor, sadly enough the psp NDS emulator worked better, =\

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    It would be pretty HOT if they had a NDS emu.
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    I agree about the N64 emu 100%!!! I dearly miss Mystical Ninja Goemon and Tetrisphere (even though I can get Tetrisphere to work on the PC emu but not perfect)

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    Never had a problem with mine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumper44 View Post
    It would be pretty HOT if they had a NDS emu.
    sure would be

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