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Thread: Updating from System Menu/Disk update in hardmod

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    Updating from System Menu/Disk update in hardmod

    Hi there!

    I just want to ask if it is safe to update from a disk or manual installation of wads (including system menu updates. of course i won't update from nintendo directly) while having a mod chip installed on the console. my friend has a Wiikey 2 modchip and also has HBC installed and some games don't run if the required IOS isn't updated or installed on the wii. according to him...
    do we have to disable wiikey2 or something first before updating anything?


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    A softmod and a hardmod can coexist on the same Wii. No, do not accept updates in any form (you do have Priiloader installed, right? There may be an equivalent on the hardmod side as well). If you are playing from disc channel on the hardmod, an IOS may need to be manually installed to get the game to work; via a backuploader on the softmod side, this is untrue as it relies on the cIOS rather than the IOS.

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    Yes Priiloader is installed.

    So what can I use to update the IOS manually for hardmod? Instructions and such...

    Thanks for the reply btw


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