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Thread: Anyody get any CSI games to work?

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    Question Anyody get any CSI games to work?

    99% of my backups work, but I noticed that none of the 3 CSI game I tried worked:
    CSI: Deadly Intent
    CSI: Hard Evidence
    CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (new)

    All start to load but then go back to the Wii menu. Always try again when I update NeoGamma, but no luck. Must be something UBISoft does. Any thoughts?

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    There is a guide on this site for CSI: Deadly Intent. I would predict it may work for the other CSI games also. Please use the search function next time, and make a post in the introduction section.
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    What modchip are you using?
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    csi fatal conspiacy working

    All I used was darkcorp v1.1 and it works now with my disc backup using the wii disc loader channel... hope that helps


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