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Thread: Forgot To Backup Nand?

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    Forgot To Backup Nand?

    Hi. I was following this guide with my System Menu 4.3 Wii that I got at launch. I forgot to backup my nand in part 3 of Chapter 1 and went on with installing the wads from Chapter 2's modpack. Is there any way I can still make backups or get them from someone else? Or am I out of luck if something bad happens?

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    If everything works, I would do a backup now. Beter to have one than no backup at all.
    I myself took a backup at the beginning of the softmod and I took one when everything was installed and working.
    If I ever need to restore my nand I can choose wich one to use.
    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, just make a backup.

    The backup can be used to restore your wii if it bricks for whatever reason, either with boot2 bootmii or a NAND programmer (There are even some nice people on this site willing to unbrick your wii for a small fee if you don't have boot2 I believe)
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