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Thread: ERROR message reading, "Cannot open NAND. Maybe you have new ios"?

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    ERROR message reading, "Cannot open NAND. Maybe you have new ios"?

    I am trying to use a nand dumper called, RealWnD to copy my wii nand to my usb flash drive. Every time I try, i keep getting an error message that reads, "Cannot open NAND. Maybe you have new ios"? Does anyone know what this means. Why cant i do this operation?

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    You didn't find that program on this site. Oddgriffon told you that there was no other known program to dump the nand in your other post. I think you should consult with the people you got the program from, or suck it up and get a bigger sd card.

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    NM, its in the US contrary to popular belief
    A 2GB Sandisk SD card is only around 10$ at walmart, i say that ten dollars is worth it then using unknown programs to mess with your NAND
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